40 Years Later

All weddings are special times. All weddings are important events for families.

And sometimes, weddings are long overdue.

In August of 2012, I drove to Carlsbad, NM to shoot a wedding.

But this wedding wasn’t just a “typical” wedding. Reason being is that this couple was already married, with kids and grandkids.

Ya see, 40 years ago, they got married, but at that time, they weren’t in a position to have a wedding that included everything they wanted.

And now it’s time to have the wedding they always wanted.

How cool would it be for you to be able to attend your parents wedding or your grandparents wedding? That’s what helped make this one so special.

Photo albums full of their family's history

Janie got started on doing some hair and makeup on Pam soon after we arrived

In the meantime, the guys were out back, catching up over a beer

My 'lil Ms Rheya Sunshine

And Karen keeps us all smiling

Rheya and Xander sizing each other up

Later that day, Xander got to to suit up!

And IT suited HIM!

Following the wedding rehearsal, a moment of family in prayer

That night, everyone pitched in on making the decorations for the next day

Then it was time for a little fun!

The Big Day

The guys get to constructing the backdrop for the photos that will be on display at the wedding reception

Janie working her magic

Such a ham!

I love this picture.

Rheya was “not” happy about having her hair done. She wanted to PLAY!

I’m so rarely on this side of the camera. This one was worth it. Janie and I wanted a picture of us together


Pam was surprised with her dad’s photo being placed on her bouquet

I love this family.

I was really honored to be able to have been there to be a part of this.