Jayden is here!

On Friday, May 2nd, Karen's water broke, a month early

She was admitted to MCR Hospital in Loveland, CO

Medical staff explain to her that the contractions are causing the baby's heart rate to drop

Karen's sister Janie (my wife) and Karen's husband, Brian, sit by her beside

Karen reads positive affirmations of faith over their unborn baby

A nurse make some adjustments to the equipment that is monitoring the vitals of both Karen and the baby

The baby's heart rate continues to drop with each contraction

After some discussion, it's decided that the baby is in danger and an emergency ceserean is ordered.

Shortly thereafter, Karen is taken into surgery


10 minutes later, Jayden was brought safely into the world

Because the umbilicle cord was wrapped around Jayden's neck and body, he was having trouble breathing on his own

He bounced back and began breathing normally shortly after birth

Karen gets her first look at Jayden

Brian comforts Karen while she's in recovery

A new chapter begins!