First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you both on your engagement!  

I do not take weddings lightly. They are a big deal!

The bride and groom are each starting new and exciting chapters in their lives, together. And in doing so, they are uniting two families in the process.

The photos taken for the engagement session as well as their wedding are going to be hung on the walls of their home, and their families homes for years. The photographs will be handed down from generation to generation.

The images I capture for you won't just be snapshots. They are moments captured in time that will evoke memories and emotion for you both, and your families.

I am a wedding photojournalist. I take a documentary, candid approach, quietly capturing the real moments of your day.  I blend in with what's happening, mostly going unnoticed capturing the mood, timeline, and how things unfold. I am here to tell your story, not tell you what your story should be.

There will be some posed photos. Generally immediately before and after the ceremony itself, I'll take some portraits of the two of you, your wedding party, and those of your family that want a photo taken with you. These are a typical request for most weddings.

Aside from these, for the most part, the rest of your day will just be captured, recorded, and given back to you to re-experience, just they way it happened.

It is an honor for me to be invited to be there to experience this with you both, and to provide this service to you!


Please note - these prices and policies are subject to change.

Booking me for your wedding while this price list is active will ensure that you are locked in at this rate. 

2016 Wedding Price List